palvelevan metallipaja alutigin julkisivu

A service expert in the metal industry – a metal workshop that takes care of the job.

Alutig Oy is a metal workshop founded in 2005. Our metal workshop is located in the middle of Finland, in Sievi, from where we serve our customers. Our special expertise includes steel structures and component manufacturing. The working methods we use are i.e. laser cutting, edging, machining and welding. We also have an extensive network at our disposal for further processing, i.e. various surface treatments are also possible as part of the order. We have made Metal Subcontracting as easy as possible for you.

We manufacture high-quality parts and structures from aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel. We operate as a contract manufacturer i.e. equipment manufacturers and the construction industry, but our customers also include many other industrial players.

Our experienced staff enables versatile subcontracting in the metal industry just for you.

In addition to modern equipment, we have 20 metal industry professionals who are ready to serve all your needs – the long experience and diverse background of our key personnel in various metal industry jobs provide the best knowledge in the field.

In addition, we are constantly developing our operations so that we can improve and meet the needs of our customers in the future. In our daily work, we also emphasize flexibility and humanity, which enables us to guarantee the satisfaction of both our employees and our customers.

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Alutig has received funding from the European Union for the development of its production.
The project aims to improve the manufacturing of sheet metal parts and welding production.
For further information, please contact Heikki Hyväri.