Machine and equipment assembly as a service for companies

Leave the machine and equipment assembly to a professional! We offer expert assembly of machines and equipment with a customer-oriented approach in our modern production facilities. We assemble the products into a ready-made package as agreed, without compromising on quality and schedules. It is important for us to guarantee excellent delivery security for all our customers, both for smaller and larger production batches. This is ensured by our motivated and competent staff and our fully refined process, which works efficiently even for demanding projects. 

Hardware configuration as a comprehensive service 

We have extensive experience in various machine and equipment configurations. As a contract manufacturer, we are a reliable operator whose constant intention is to provide first-class engineering service and deliver orders to them with fast delivery time. If you need a partner for the assembly and you are interested in cooperating with us, please contact us! Let’s discuss how we can best serve your needs in terms of machine or equipment configuration. 

If, in addition to the equipment configuration, you require our other metalworking services, we can provide the following: