Steel structures

We manufacture and assemble steel structures for professionals

We manufacture steel structures i.e. structural steel and stainless steel. It is a good idea to leave the fabrication of steel structures to a professional as it is cost effective. In addition to a wide range of materials, we have all the services of a welding workshop at our disposal. The welding methods,used are Mig, Mag and Tig welding. Installation is also part of our services.

Through our subcontracting network, it is possible to have steel structures finished in accordance with the customer’s requirements. Surface treatment options include i.e. galvanizing, powder coating, wet painting and fire protection painting. In this case, the fire protection of the steel structure can also be made. Our subcontracting network also includes companies offering diverse machining services. 

Steel structures with CE markings 

CE-marked load-bearing steel structures for the construction industry EN 1090-2 implementation class EXC2: Examples of our products for the construction industry are steel frames, roof trusses, columns, beams, stairs, railings and various frames for machines and equipment. We manufacture products in accordance with the CE mark, which enables use even in demanding projects in the construction industry up to the EXC2 implementation class. 

On 2 July 2014, Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy granted Alutig Oy a certificate of compliance with the internal quality control of production, which means that the steel assemblies and structures we manufacture meet the requirements of the standard SFS-EN 1090-2. At this moment all structural steel assemblies we manufacture are CE-marked up to implementation class EXC2. 

Our welding coordinator is qualified at level C, so we can also manufacture steel structures from steels of strength class S420-S700.

Certification decision and certificate of conformity

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Steel structures and CE

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The manufacture of steel structures is carried out through years of experience 

We have been manufacturing steel structures for more than 15 years, constantly developing our operations. Cost efficiency is the buzzword and it is also realized in our projects – you get high-quality steel structures at a competitive price and fast delivery. We make steel structures using a welding method suitable for the project, so that the steel structures become strong and durable and suitable for the exact purpose for which they are intended. Our experts are familiar with the properties of steel structures. 

Installation of steel structures is part of our services 

Installation of steel structures is part of our services. Over the years, we have installed the steel structures we have made for a wide range of applications. We have experience in installing steel structures in areas such as: 

  • For different industrial needs (eg halls, hall frames)
  • For companies (eg parking garage, sawmill) 
  • For the public sector (eg steel railings, Steel stairs)