Press-brake bending

Press-brake bending with years of experience

Press-brake bending is part of Alutig’s expertise and has been part of our workshop services for many years. Our production facilities have appropriate and efficient press brakes, with which we are able to accurately perform various bending of metal sheets according to the needs of our customers. Press-brake bending can also be used as a single service, but it can also be integrated into one part of a larger production process if desired: for example, laser cuts can be further processed by edging. With press-brake bending, you can manufacture guards, cabinet parts, enclosures and brackets.

Order metal press-brake bending from professional – Alutig will serve you

We carry out metal press-brake bending and bending work carefully and accurately. If necessary, we can provide  technical design services for all our engineering work. As a customer-oriented player, it is important for us to provide first-class and quality-uncompromising expertise to each of our customers, whether we are talking about a single service or a more comprehensive delivery. Contact us and let us know how we can help you.

What press-brake bending means?

Press-brake bending means shaping a metal plate by bending. In press-brake bending, the sheet metal is bent or rounded with a press or bending machine designed for this purpose. The bending machine is called a press brake. The press brake is assembled from different parts, such as upper and lower tools and different shafts. The press brake bends the metal plate using compressed air or hydraulics. Generally, press-brake bending is attempted without heating the piece to be press-brake bended. In rare cases, the metal is heated to facilitate press-brake bending. 

Press-brake bending work can also be surface treated 

Thanks to our extensive subcontracting network, we can also provide customised Press-brake bended products that are surface-treated. The products can be treated in various ways: hot-dip galvanizing, painting or chrome-plating. 

What are the benefits of press-brake bending? 

  • The margin of error for the products is very small – for example, welding is partly handcrafted, so unfortunately more errors can occur. The press brakes operate automatically, so the number of errors are reduced. 
  • A chamfered product is good for surface treatment – because the chamfered product does not have welded seams, which allows for good surface treatment. 
  • The press-brake bended piece is weld-free – the press-brake bended product is practical and has a beautiful design. Welding seams are not seen..